My story of Kratom experiment and its dramatic results

I have written many blogs on Kratom intake and its success stories. With the deep research on its benefits and results, I got induced to try it at least once and share MY story of kratom experiment. Many of my friends suggested me the same for a variety of reasons. At the same time, several Kratom distributors, including Jet Kratom, contacted me and offered free samples of Kratom powder.

I am truly grateful to all the companies, which supplied me the samples, as it allowed me to conduct a much more thorough experiment with this product. Having said that, I am not going to compare the products of different suppliers here. Rather, I will be simply sharing my personal experience I had with the products in general.

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I experimented with the both powder and capsule form of Kratom. I took it every morning with having mixed it with orange juice. Now, let me talk about the effects. My overall upshot about Kratom intake is that it has a two-tiered effect. It provided me a tremendous boost of energy initially, just like a cup of coffee. However, the energy offered by Kratom was usually longer-lasting than that of the coffee. My experience with coffee is that it gives me initial burst of energy, but it fades away very soon. On the other hand, the energy derived from Kratom would last for the next few hours.

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Also, I would like to mention that the energy I got from this product was subtle enough that it does not made me feel like jumping out of my skin. And, there was no energy crash with any kratom products I tried.

Now, talking about the second-tier effect, which lend me an extra dash of relaxation. However, the relaxing effect fell short of being soothing. The feeling of relaxation was pleasant and did not let me feel sleepy. It balanced out the energy-boosting effects properly.

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Side effects? I cannot say I experienced any side effect worth noting. For a few times my eyes were inflamed after the dosage, but that effect did not appear consistently and it never affected my vison; neither did it come up with any other drawbacks.

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When comparing the Kratom powder with the capsules, the powder worked faster for me. Capsules were undoubtedly as effective, but with somewhat delayed effects. Though, we all know the reason behind it that our stomach takes time to break the gelatine covering the powder.

The only concern that cropped up while experimenting with the kratom is that it is quite difficult to find out the proper amount of Kratom. However, with a thorough research, I got to know about it. I recommend you to get some advice on how many dosages you require, depending on your problem. I was advised to take about three grams for a better effect. Also, many Kratom users told me that the amount varies from person to person.

At the last, I would say that Kratom is more like a coffee with even more and long-lasting energy effect. It is very easy to buy Kratom powder online these days. Just locate a reliable supplier and make your purchase.

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